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Delete Previous Version Filemaker Server 16

Question asked by beacon10 on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by sastickf

How do you delete/uninstall FileMaker Server 16 if there is no /Library/FileMaker/FileMaker Server folder? I did the right click on the Mac GO menu and then clicked on Library. I found the FileMaker folder. FMP Advanced 16 is there but there is no FileMaker Server folder. Is it somewhere else?


I had Filemaker Server 16 running well with a client on a different machine. I then loaded a Davis Weather Station app to my Mac (that may have changed the ports?). Since then, my FMP Server appears to have been working (from the Server Console screen) but on several other Macs I kept getting a "Unable to locate the file or unable to connect to the server" message kept appearing every time I tried to log into the FMP file that previously worked.


I decided to reload the FM Server 16 since I figure I screwed up some ports or something. I can't even reload the FM Server 16 now since I keep getting the message of having to uninstall for previous version of FM Server. What can I do to get my Server up and running again?