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Filemaker server 16 databases dont show up in imacs only in macbookpros

Question asked by MichaelManousos on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by MichaelManousos

Here is the weird story!

We have 2 new imacs and 2 new macbookpro they are pre installed with MacOs Sierra latest version. I installed in one imac Filemaker Server 16 and in the same imac the other imac and the 2 macbookpro filemaker pro client.

From the two laptops I can connect to the hosted database but from the 2 imacs I cannot.

Another macbookpro with filemaker pro advanced connects also fine.

I upgraded the other imac to macos high sierra still the same.

So 3 macbook pros 1 with MacOS High Sierra 2 with Sierra connect fine 2 imac 1 with Sierra 1 with Macos High Sierra dont connect.

The only thing that I notice to be different is that in the laptops it warned me about connecting to a non ssl database and I accepted in the imacs it doesnt pop a message to select that is ok.

If anyone can help....