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Create and Alias on Desktop for FMP database in Documents

Question asked by xBabinx on Oct 24, 2017
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I am trying to create an Alias on the Desktop that will link to a FMP database that is in the documents folder.


My current strategy was to use "Perform AppleScript" to get this done, but I keep running into errors. Below is an example of what my current calculated AppleScript comes out to.


set my_File to POSIX file "/Macintosh HD/Users/user/Documents/mydatabase.fmp12" as alias

set my_folder to POSIX file "/Macintosh HD/Users/user/Desktop/" as alias

tell application "Finder"

make new alias file at my_folder to my_File

set name of result to "Open Database"

end tell



Has anyone successfully created an alias using this method? If so, what did I miss, as I'm not well versed with AppleScript. Is there an easier way? I the creation to be fully scripted, without any user input.