General Start Up Script Preferences

Discussion created by mikeo'neil on Oct 24, 2017
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Hi Folks,


I am configuring a General Start Up script set to open with the onFirstWindowOpen Trigger. Reviewing comments and articles I have noticed a variety of combinations of what to include in this script.


I also noticed that some prefer to use a modular approach (calling a sub-script) to include certain steps (Window sizing, Global Field clearing, Setting Globals, Setting Variables, Account Name, Account Privilege Set…)


I realize a lot of this probably is the developer’s preference and some scripts would need to be separate from the Start up but I would like to have One Start Up Script with the majority of things I would need (Variables-Globals-General Window sizing…) for cross-platform, runtime, iOS, and web.




What are your preferences for setting up a general start up script?

What concerns might one have for including the kitchen sink in a start up script?

What to include-Is there a general recommendation?

Are there any best practice Templates available?