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Is the web publishing engine unstable?

Question asked by douglerner on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by douglerner

Here's the situation:


  • We have a web server - not FM, not Apache, but a dynamic web server we use for a social network.
  • For some special things (generating reports, etc.) we created a FM database.
  • When users and communities update certain things we make web publishing engine XML calls from our server to the FMS 15 server. And we also query the server if we need to retrieve info, parse the XML and display it on our site.
  • First we were using FMS 14, but was told by the hosting company that FMS 14 "was unstable" with regards to the web publishing engine. So we have been using FMS 15. They claimed that FMS 13 was stable, and that FMS 15 was, but there were "known problems with FMS 14." So we switched.
  • However a lot of our API calls to FMS 15 fail. But a lot I mean as many as 5% of the calls fail over the course of a day.
  • They told us when we started that the FMS could support up to 2,000 simultaneous connections. We have nowhere near that. Over the course of a day we have about 7,000 API calls. When it's quick it's quick. But there are periods of 5 to 8 minutes where the FMS just returns "* error."
  • I think it must be a problem with load or something on the shared server. Or their network. But the hosting company says not, it's something unstable in FMS itself, and they are really not very supportive in trying to solve the problem.
  • We increased our RAM allocation from 4 GB to 8 GB to see if that helps. I'm not sure it is.
  • Now the hosting company is claiming that the web publishing engine in general is unstable and is suggesting we upgrade to FMS 16 and perhaps rewrite all our calls (agh!) to use JSON instead.
  • The developer we work with is skeptical about that. The web publishing engine has been around since like FMS 11 or so, and JSON is still new with FMS. Plus apparently Filemaker is going to start charging extra for JSON calls, while web publishing engine calls are unlimited.


We just can't figure out what the real story is. Is it a FMS inherent problem? Is it a hosting company problem? Would changing hosting companies help? Do other people experience problems with making web publishing engine calls to retrieve XML back?


When it works it works, and is fast. Calls return in under a second. But these period where it doesn't work are bad because people are depending on the info being returns from the FMS.


Any thoughts?