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Can not write file to the external storage

Question asked by Phil_Mac on Oct 25, 2017

I have been using a solution that is hosted on a workstation (peer to peer FMPA 15) the container field has been working good, we just have installed a new server and put FMSA 16 on it, I was able to send the solution to the server ok, but now I get "Can not write file to the external storage" when trying to insert a picture. Anyone with any ideas whats the problem.

The images that was in the solution from the workstation (they were external stored also) are in the solution on the server but I can not add any new images. I get the error.

A followup to the question, When I upload to FMS 16 the images that are in the DB, I can delete and add those images back in, but not a new image, this is strange to me.


Thanks in advance,,