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Filemaker Rounding Calculation Issue

Question asked by neilk on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by neilk


I am trying to sort a rounding issue in Filemaker and struggling!

I have a unit cost field set as a number and rounded to 2 decimal places but Filemaker calculates the background figure


Unit cost £0.825  / Displays as £0.83  / Line total calculates the pre rounded figure.


I have tried the Rounding Calculation  -  Round ( Item qty 1; 2)

That works if I change the field type to a calculation but not when asset as a number. This box needs to be editable, so needs to be a Number field.


Another option would be to display 3 decimal places but that looks odd when I have rounding figures like 

£10 ( Displays £10.000 ). Is there a calculation to remove the last decimal place if it is a zero ?


The other idea I thought of was to change the field to a general field but I would need to add a "£" to the field once entered, so not sure if there is a calculation to insert a symbol and that might work ?


Any advice would be appreciated