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FileMaker Cloud fonts for WebDirect

Question asked by rowatt on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2018 by cji_paygo

I've just upgraded to FileMaker Cloud 16 and am reworking some scripts to make use of WebDirect's new ability to generate PDF reports.


I'm struggling with fonts, though. The fonts I have set on a report in FM Pro are rendered in a seemingly random assortment of fonts by WebDirect. I tried to upload and install some fonts direct on the FM Cloud server (by logging in over SSH... `fc-list` confirmed that the fonts were installed on Centos), but WebDirect doesn't make use of those fonts.


What is the best way to set fonts for a report so that the report prints with the fonts I want on both FM client and WebDirect?


Is there a way to define a CSS style font stack, or a way to install and use fonts in FM Cloud WebDirect?