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Can you direct me to info regarding copying a layout, changing the name and some fields and then relating and doing lookups back to the original?

Question asked by ggreenpt on Oct 25, 2017
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Windows 10, FM 11

Apologize beforehand, a really basic FM user.  I am a physical therapist and i have an eval form, a reassessement form and a DC form.  I want info pulled from my eval to my reassessment and then to DC.  I am currently unable to go to define fields in my reassessment layout because it says it can't find the eval (when I'm actually in reassessment).  Obviously saved it wrong or something.

Also, I saved my database Saturday (because I was directed to have a backup).  I lost the whole evaluation database on Sunday.  I never clicked to delete, I looked in my trashcan and it wasn't there.  I have always just clicked the "x" to leave FM, is that it.  I was able to recover my eval database because I had just made a copy, but I can't be losing 'All" of my evaluations willy nilly.  What did I do wrong?

Thank you in advance, really impressed with this site and the help available.