FmPro 11 license key conflict with myself

Discussion created by clearly on Oct 25, 2017
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My client is using FM Pro  11.


I connect to my client remotely   ( I am in Nevada and my client is in northern Calif.  ).


I normally connect to their server using a script on my computer which  opens their files locally on my computer.


A few days ago I started getting bounced out of their system at the time I was connecting.


The dialog box I received says,

"The maximum number of licensed users are currently using this copy of FileMaker Pro.  And then a little bit further in the dialog box it says, "License Key conflict with user . . . and then it has my FileMaker User Name, My Computer Name, and an IP address.


I called FileMaker Inc  and the tech support person I spoke with said it was a common problem with FMPro 11 and that I should check with this FileMaker Community for assistance.


So . . . can anyone help  ?


thank you very much,

Mike Debiase

702 701-6688