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Dashboard Update

Question asked by cm26508 on Oct 26, 2017

I have an application that runs on a Filemaker Server 16.  I also run a copy of Filemaker 16 pro on the same machine.  The application is used for production/process control.  I have a main table that I input Work Orders (WO).  I have 4 related tables, Design/Laser/Packaging/Shipping.  I have created a relationship between the WO's and each of these, one to many.  Basically, every WO is related to every record in each of these 4 tables.  I filter in the dashboard.

I have created a dashboard that shows the active work in each of the 4 queue's.  I use FM-GO on iPhones and iPads to start and stop processes in each queue.  At server startup I start the FM Pro 16 application and open the dashboard.

Here's my issue:

If I update a WO queue (any of the 4) using the FM Pro app on the server, the dashboard reflects the change immediately.  If I use the iPhone or iPad the dashboard does not reflect the change until I take some action in the queue's. 

Is there anyway to have the FM Pro 16 Dashboard on the server display to update as iPhone and iPad users change data or are there some sorts of Server scripts I can run to update?