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Question asked by iamfish on Oct 26, 2017



I'm trying to learn about the FM PHP API. However, Im having quite the trouble with GetContainerDataURL.


Firstly, what I'm trying to do is to get an image from a specific post to display, unfortunally, I only get a "broken picture". I followed the example in the FMS  16 CWP guide, using this exact code (except I switched out "container" for my own field).:

echo '<img src="'.$fm->

getContainerDataURL($record->getField('container')) .'">';



For some reason, this doesnt work for me. All I get is a broken picture. When I grab the link from getContainerDataURL, it is as follows:


To break it down, I get both the domain name and the ip to the server inside the URL. If i remove and just leaves it as ip-adress/fmi/xml/cnt/picture.jpg?-db=databasename&-lay=layoutname&-recid=1&-field=fieldname(1), the picture works.


Why is that?


And does anyone got a good solution to remove the ""?