FM 16.03.302 relationship

Discussion created by synergy46 on Oct 26, 2017
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I have a membership app.  It works fine so of course I want to change/tweak it...


I have a Members table and several 'many' tables:  Dues, Lots etc...

The 'many' tables are on tabs of which each holds a portal accordingly.


It was suggested that I put a Dues portal beneath the Lot portal whereby I can show JUST THE DUES paid on a designated Lot.


Seems like a good idea.  So, I implement this relationship:



Of course it doesn't work.  If I put an instance of Dues::portal it shows ALL dues




What I would like is to click in the Lots record for Lot 77, for example, and have the Dues2 portal

below show just the Lot 77 dues that were paid.


Apparently my thinking on the necessary relationship isn't right.  My internal narrative is :  "standing

in Dues 2 I want the active PK_Lot in the lot table."  Since this doesn't work, my thinking is wrong.


I tried scripting GTRR using the Lots::Lot OnSave but that didn't work.


What am I missing?