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[feature request poll] image container : scale to fit cropped

Question asked by vestigia on Oct 26, 2017
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I would like to start a feature request poll for a long missing feature on the image container layout formatting. Since ever with FileMaker I am going to be stuck over and over again in this same issue and even having emitted some years ago a feature request to European FM-Support nothing has changed (albeit seeing every year a new release of FM).


We are using FileMaker to produce some kind of large inventory catalog referencing high resolution images to the database records. For this kind of usage images can not be stored within the FM database. In the layouts for the catalog some times we should display the image container with the referenced images not in the aspect ratio of the image but with an aspect ratio, that is convenient to the purpose of the layout. In FM the image formatting options are "cropping" or (exclusive) "scaling" in combination with the optional "preserve proportions". "scaling" works as long the image container aspect ratio is the same as of the original image. FM "cropping" makes no sense, because you will see only a small part of the high resolution image.


What is really needed is the missing image container formatting option "cropping and scaling" while preserving proportions (on pixel height and width).  Workarounds with producing "thumbnails" or scaled/cropped copies of the images do not work in this case, as they produces additional image data.


The issue has been well discussed before on this forum thread:

Reduce or Enlarge Image to Fit "Cropped"


Hopping by starting this feature request poll, FM-development will become aware of this really missing feature, that should not be a great "hocus-pocus" to implement, but will save really much headache for FM users/app-developers.


Many thanks in advance in participating, best regards,