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Use a portal to add IDs to a List field or temp table?

Question asked by ezeitgeist on Oct 26, 2017
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I am logging individual meeting in a Meeting Table. I am doing this by selecting a Contact Name from a portal on a User's layout, which moves that ID into the global Contact field, and then when information is entered and "Save" is clicked, it uses the global fields to create a new Meeting record and fill in and save all the information.



I want to be able to log the same meeting information for multiple contacts (the same meeting as separate Meeting records for each selected Contact).


My thought is that if I could use the already existing portal to add names to a global field that accumulates IDs OR the selection creates new records in a table that could show a different portal in the layout that lists selected Contacts (and could allow users to delete error adds). I could then either take that List Field OR convert that new portal into a List of IDs and then setup a looping script to log the multiple contact meetings as individual meetings.


HOW do I actually do either of the options above or is there a better option? (I can write the looping script, and likely the List of IDs from a new portal; I do not know the best way to create a List Field of IDs directly OR have the Contact added to a new table of records to use in that new portal.)


My first thought: Do something similar to the "Select Deselect Checkbox value" script in the Check Boxes with Scroll Bars of Phil Caulkins's "Adventure 2 EVS".