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Attach a second PDF in mail PDF script

Question asked by rhegyi on Oct 27, 2017
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I'm trying to attach a second static PDF to a pdf being generated from FileMaker 16 ( Mac). I can generate the email and attach the pdf that gets created from Filemaker but I'd like to also attach a second PDF that's on the desktop to the bottom of that same email.  For example a email is generated via the script and the resulting PDF is attached from the FM record but then I'd like to attach a second PDF that will be the same for every email.  I hope I'm being clear here.


I have a FM DB that is for checking in customers for repairs and I want to email to them the checkin information as well as the terms and conditions for the repair.  The checkin info gets generated via email PDF script but then I'd like to attach a second PDF that is the terms and conditions, a static page of information.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.