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Connecting to a single DB file within many DB files

Question asked by JulioSandoval on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2017 by JulioSandoval

Hello Community,


I didn't know how to title this question but here is what I am trying to do:


We currently have a DB file that connects to Multiple DB files.

In short, this file is a GUI interface for users.


We have users that only have access to some of the DB files in this GUI interface.


What we notice is, that when they login with their credentials (we are using external group credentials), it asks them to login to the other DB files they do not have access to. They have to click cancel every time they initiate a new session for the day.


How do we tell the FM GUI file, when a user logs in, to not prompt them to login to the DB files they do not have access to?


Thank you all for your time.