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RS232 type IP reading

Question asked by pfroelicher on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2017 by monkeybreadsoftware


we bought a CSE488 interface that receives data from four weighting scales via RS232 and passes the data on via IP.


The CSE488 has an IP address and I managed via TELNET to set it to the right IP address inside our network.

Now.. the manual of Toledo Brasil, stops there.. I think they want to sell a software to read the data from the interface . But I would like to teach my solution to read the data from the scales, to fill into a weighting solution.

Every Output has Port, with a BAUD RATE 9600, DATABITS, 8, PARITY SEM, Stopbits 1,CTS RTS NO, RS485 NO

Every Output has a port number. So.. IP:8880 would be the scale 1.

I managed to PING the CSE488, but I cannot seem to understand HOW I can se the data stream that flow through the thing?. I tried TROI SERIAL PLUGIN.. But..there is only BLUETOOTH, MALS and SOC. I somehow do not figure out how to access our IP  and type in the port.

Any hints?