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Corrupt Photos uploaded from FMgo

Question asked by ericjlindholm on Oct 28, 2017

I have about 10 users who upload load photos through FMgo16 from the photo library.  I do appear to happen when the photo is taken directly through FM.


I get some strange upside down or sideways photos that are warped from 2-3 of the users.

They appear to get uploaded with no meta data.

I can drag them into the photos app on my Mac and it will straighten them out and I overwrite the container fields from FMPA 16.


It worked until iOS 11 came out I think but I only started having users do this a few weeks before IOS 11 came out.


It appears to only happen when they upload from the library.  Has anyone else had this issue?  I think they are all using IOS 11.03


My server is windows server 16  with the most current version of FM server 16 at the time of this post