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Account Creation via Script - Confirmation?

Question asked by mikeo'neil on Oct 28, 2017
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Hi Folks,


FMA 14.06


I am working on a Account Creation and Password procedure that would allow a supervisor/admin type person to add, Account names and password, Delete Account, and Reset an Account Password. That’s working well.


I created a simple log table to record what actions are taken:

Create account, account name, privilege set, by who, TS

Delete Account, account name, by who, TS

Reset Password, pw, by who, TS


I compared the log to Manage Security and discovered that the built-in process will not create an account with the same name from the scripted procedure regardless of the privilege set based on my scripted procedure, which is good.


What I am looking to do is to provide confirmation back to the user that the creation or deletion process was successful or failed.


Is there a process that can provide feedback to the user/scripted process?