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Inaccurate layout count in DDR

Question asked by ryantittle on Oct 27, 2017
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Working to clean up an old file, and created a DDR to assist me in that task. I noticed that the layout count in the overview reads 198, when in reality there are 147. The file itself has 147, as well as the actual list of layouts contained in the DDR. I thought it may be due to folders, but they don't seem to be counted, and even if they were, there are only 9, which would only bring it up to 156, not 198.


I've checked other files of mine, and the layout count is dead-on for all of them.


Has anyone seen anything like this before? Should I be concerned about corruption, or a problem with the layout index?

Everything seems to be fine across the board otherwise, but if anyone has any advice I'll take it.


DDR was created just this morning. Latest versions of FMPA and FMS 16.