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Accessing my Database from Internet to Home Filemaker Pro 16

Question asked by seiko on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2017 by seiko

What am I missing:


I occasionally need to access my database at home, extreme configuration of 2017 MacBookPro14,3, latest system High Sierra 10.13. I don't need a server or use commercial cloud sharing. I'm the only user.


I have Filemaker Pro 16 open, sharing turn on with the database open. No one using the computer, it always on, 24 hours. Using local wifi connection at home, I can access and do what I need with my iPad Pro 10 inch and iPhone 7 Plus. No problem.  However, if I move to another part of town.  I no longer able to access my files from home.


My ip is static, high speed 175 mbps shaw modem is bridge, no port blocking or forwarding option, just a modem.  I am using Apple Airplay, DHCP and NAT option on.  I have port 5003 turn on all UDP, TCP and my IP of my computer that is running and sharing my open files. 


Tried share the link and still no go when I select the link in the email.  It open Filemaker Go 16, but fails to find the host. Apple firewall is turn on to allow Filemaker to access.  Still no go, can't access my files when I leave my wifi area. No issue when in my local wifi net.


I do run Little Snitch, but it set to allow all Filemaker request.  I do have file sharing and printer sharing on. No issue to connect locally, however over the internet, no go.


What am I missing?  Must be overlooking something.  Read all the stuff here, still no go.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.