Searches no longer working

Discussion created by TKnTexas55 on Oct 27, 2017
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I have a file.  It is one table.  There are a few fields of data, primarily it is about the container field.  We use import Folder to import a variable number of PDF files.  After the records are imported there is a SearchName field that is read from the image to key in.  This is repeated from each record.  Based on the number keyed a FormType is auto-selected. 


From this information, data from different tables can be displayed.  The file has been in use for about 18-20 months.  I have had no issues.  This is on my computer, and it is shared to one co-worker.  I have been doing some FINDs that I get "No records match this find criteria".  The FIND is being done into the fields in the related table.  But then the image(s) are displayed in this file.


The file is shut down every night.  When opening it does not give any error messages for corruption.  Not every FIND REQUEST comes up that way.  Just enough.