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WebDirect becomes unusable. Why?

Question asked by William-Porter on Oct 28, 2017
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I'm deploying almost everything in WebDirect these days. Nearly all of my clients are accessing their databases in their web browsers. Just ONE client is having connection problems that nobody else is having.


Working in their database (in Windows 10 using appropriately recent versions of either Edge or Chrome) these users are experiencing frequent time-outs (banner appears across web page saying something like "you've been timed out for inactivity") or freezes (where they get no feedback, the database just becomes unresponsive). These session terminating events occur mostly in a particular area of the database, but not exclusively. And that particular area of the database happens to be the one that all of the users are currently busy working in. So the fact that the events occur there does not yet suggest to me that there's anything wrong with that area of the database. (Car accidents happen on busy streets because that's where the cars are: doesn't mean that the streets are at fault.)


I can get it to time me out but I have to wait a long time. These users say that it's happening more quickly for them, when the time-out occurs.


And I am unable to reproduce the freezing at all. I test for a while, in Windows 10, entering data like a real user. It just never freezes on me. I am testing from my office in Dallas. These clients are working in an office in Houston.


The fmreauthenticate extended privilege for users is set to 30 minutes (fmreauthenticate30). The server is configured to tolerate an even longer period of inactivity.


One helpful user reports that her freezes usually occur after she's stopped working in the database for a bit to take a phone call. I'm not sure what's happening when she does that -- not sure if she's opening another app, talking on a VOIP line or what. She just reports that, when she comes back to the database, it's often frozen.



I'm stumped and frustrated and I know they are annoyed. Anybody have any suggestions?