Yearly and Quarterly Report

Discussion created by pademo57 on Oct 29, 2017
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I'm trying to get a report that shows a yearly and quarterly report as shown in the picture:

Yearly Summary.PNG

When I try to calculate the fields I can't get it to add up properly.

Table: Process

field: ActionType ("Process 1", "Process 2", etc)

field: ActionDate (Date of Process)

As an example:

I can perform a find for ActionType = "Process 1" but I can't get it to count the number of 'Process 1" for a quarter.

I was going to use that number to then add all the quarters to use in the Yearly report.

Not sure what I am doing wrong?


The above picture is from a spreadsheet that I transferred all the numbers but I would like Filemaker to do it and skip the step of transferring it.


Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.