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New fonts does not work from the FM server

Question asked by on Oct 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by hehazelhorst

Hello Community,

I am generating some reports for customers and I send reports to customer every month. Recently I re-styled the report and installed new font (exo 2.0) on my computer. All seems to work fine.


Because script of generating reports would run from the sever, so I installed exo 2.0 font on the FM server. But problem is the font not working when server run the script.


If I manually run the script from my PC, all works fine, but when server run, the new font doesn't appear on reports. I double checked the font is installed on the FM server and I even re-started the FM server.


Has anyone else faced similar issue or is there any solutions for this.


Many Thanks.