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FMP url script blocked on Windows

Question asked by paul_tuckey on Oct 30, 2017
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Im trying to call a script using the FileMaker fmp: protocol from a web viewer.

The script call works perfectly on OS X but fails on Windows 10.



The FMP url script is being called whilst a previously called FileMaker script is in a Paused state.



The FileMaker script creates a popup new Document Window to display a web viewer layout as below.



Go to Related Record [ Show only related records ; From table: “My_Appointmets” ; Using layout: “Webviewer_PopUp” (My_Appointmets) ; New window ]

Allow User Abort [ Off ]

Pause/Resume Script [ Indefinitely ]



From the web viewer I call the following url which calls a script in the same file.

<a href="FMP://$/MYdb?script=MyWVScript&param=hello&$seatid=12345678">Call Script</a>



As mentioned above this works on OS X but fails on Windows 10.



If I Exit the FileMaker script instead of Pause then the FMP: script works as expected on both OS X and Windows. Im guessing this script blocking is default behaviour based on how Windows handles Pause/Resume?


Before I go down the path of using RESTfm or CWP I would like to know if there are any Windows specific security settings I can configure or plugins I can use (Remote Scripter or MBS Plugin come to mind) that would overcome this Windows script blocking behaviour.


As ever any help or advice much appreciated.