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Problem with creating a button from a field element

Question asked by user22173 on Oct 30, 2017
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Product and Version: FileMaker Pro Advanced

OS and Version: Windows 10 64 bit Home Version 1703 build 15063.674

Hardware: nothing special

Description: When I turn a field in a layout into a button, it suddenly becomes "grouped" with itself. When right-clicked it no longer generates the field element context menu (ie: I can no longer see things like "Specify Field", "Conditional Formatting", "Set Script Trigger" etc.) but a shorter menu instead. The text formatting bar no longer recognizes it and will not allow me to format font size, color etc. To restore normal function I must "UnGroup" the element which then elicits the warning that the group defines a button and that button definition will be lost if I proceed with the ungrouping. When I do ungroup, the layout element returns to normal but I have no button any more. Simply returning the button function to "Do Nothing" does not release the element. It MUST be ungrouped for it to return to normal.

How to Replicate: To replicate, place any layout into Layout mode. Right-click on any field element (text elements are what I use), select "Button Setup" and tell it to do something like run a script. Now open the text formatting bar and select this element. The bar will not respond. Right-click on the element. You will get a short context menu instead of the expected field element menu.

Workaround: Work.around is simple but annoying. Simply perform all formatting to an element before turning it into a button. This is fine until you want to change something about the button, then you must make note of the button action and any passed variable, ungroup the element, perform whatever format editing you need and then re-create the button action.