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Displaying the Text Value Based on a Primary Key

Question asked by mrosenhek on Oct 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by mrosenhek

I have a value list that is conditional. It shows "tasks" for a  given Project. When time is logged for a task, the user sees a descriptive value list of all tasks assigned to just that a selected Project. But what is really happening is that the user is selecting the  primary key of the task.


I need to display the record in the Project record. The problem is, it is displaying the  primary keys and not the text descriptor, in this case 122 and 123


Man, this is hard to explain and I'm bagged. So I guess what I may need is a calculation that will result in the actual text descriptor of that field and use that in the portal.


I hope this makes some sort of sense to somebody out there. Anybody who can even decipher what I am asking deserves a medal! I've attached some screenshots. Thanks.