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Review and Document the behaviour of GetAsNumber

Question asked by Malcolm on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by TSGal

Product and version:

FileMaker Pro


OS and version:

Mac OS X 10.11.6



MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)



The behaviour of GetAsNumber is not fully documented and it is hard to understand what rules it is acting on.


The most notable omission is that GetAsNumber will return a negative when the text contains a number formatted with parentheses, e.g., GetAsNumber ("(9)") returns -9. This is not mentioned in the documentation


The behaviour of the function when handling numbers formatted in parentheses varies.


How to replicate


GetAsNumber("this.(9)") // .9

GetAsNumber("this(9)") // -9

GetAsNumber("this. (9)") // even with the space .9

GetAsNumber("(9)1")  // -91


GetAsNumber("1 this(9)")  // 19


Workaround (if any)

Use other text functions to obtain the correct string.