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Cumulative totals

Question asked by tays01s on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2017 by tays01s

I have 1 to many related TOs: Patient_Event::__uuID = IO_event::_patient_event_uuID.


In IO_event are 2 fields:

- in_water_pc                    [% of a requirement]

- oc_Cum_in_water_pc     [cumulative % of a requirement]

Both are presented in a 'Patient_Event' portal on the parent Patient layout. In the portal, both the % and the cumulative % are correct. However, if I look at the IO_event layout, for most records cumulative % = "?". Obviously if I export 'IO' records to Excel, cumulative % is incorrect.


I currently calculation cumulative % using this calculation from the 'IO_event' context:

If(Get(RecordNumber) = 1; in_water_pc;

GetNthRecord (oc_Cum_in_water_pc; Get( RecordNumber ) - 1 ) + in_water_pc) - 100


I have also tried using a summary field (see attached) but this fails to limit the summary to each _patient_event_uuID.


Aim: I'd like to have 'IO_event' records showing a cumulative % for each related Event.