Looping Script

Discussion created by TKnTexas55 on Oct 31, 2017
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I have a table I use to reconcile the Inter-Co transactions.  There are two accounting companies.  I pull a listing of the transactions to the inter-co account, from each company.  I import them to the table.  I sort on the absolute value of the amounts.  Ideally there is a debit and a credit that equal.  I am looking for the amounts that are "hanging" as unreconciled.


I have subsummary for the amount when sorted by the absolute value.  I have a field for Getsummary(, abs sum). 

I have a script to tag amounts that are matched.  In my example above, RECON is manually tagged, RECON2 was tagged by script.  Worked great.  Except:


I have to cancel (press ESC) the script, it does not finish.  I make a lot of use of looping scripts.  I can see the cursor move down the records.  And then it ends when the last record is read.  This does not do that.  It seems to never end, but it does go through all records correctly.  Knowing me, I missed some little something that my eye just is not catching.