Can you filter portal records with a partial find

Discussion created by VietLuu on Nov 1, 2017
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I have a  table which I'm trying to only display records based on containing specific words in a field from a related table.  Here are the particulars:


I have a table called "shot records" which is related to a table called "delivery Log", which is related by "shot number" field.  In my delivery log table, I have a field called "filename" which I want displayed in a layout in my "Shot Records" table as it relates to that given shot number.  But I only want to see the delivered filename if that delivery name contains  specific words in a field called "Delivery Name".  In my standard naming convention for the delivery name, I have the date, and project name and than info about the delivery.  Something like this: 9999_TECH_RPO_20171031_FINAL_DELIVERY.  I want to be able to filter the portal to only display the filenames if the delivery name contains "_FINAL_DELIVERY" in the delivery name field.  Right now I had this in the filter cal: Delivery Log::Delivery Name   =  "FINAL_DELIVERY".  But this only will display the filename if the whole delivery name was exactly "FINAL_DELVIERY".  Is there a way that instead of "=" there was something like "containing" like there is when doing conditional formatting?