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How Create Repetitions Portal

Question asked by aliabbassipro on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by philipHPG

Hi, I have a status layout on my project I use these fields on that layout.


Current Date.

Product Name.


The operator call the customer and ask him are you okay to change your product? And the operator must enter the details on that layout, I know the best want to do this work is portal but I want to create separate boxes for this work like:



I call customer [Current Date] to change [Product Name] and she cancel that for [Description]


And unlimited boxes.


NOTE: As I said I know with a portal can do this work but I know how can do this work with another way.

I want to know how can We have Repetitions Portal with new fields or something like that so I can do this work with BOX UI, as you know I try to create something for the Persian language.