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Best Medium Sized Deployment options....

Question asked by chooks42 on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by shblackwell

I will be employing a FM expert if i get this contract.


For 10 years I have deployed a solution to a non-profit (with 450 different branches in Australia and NZ - some with only 35 clients, some with 1500).  Some are using runtime, some stand alone FMP, and some networking with FM server.


The organisation is wanting to employ an organisation-wide database.


The database is essentially a CRM and as a nation wise solution, would have 50,000 - 100,000 contacts. Each office only needs and wants to work with their own contacts.  Each contact may have 4-5 other records attached, so the biggest table attached to the main contacts may have 500,000 records.  I have no idea how many people will be accessing it at once, but it could be easily over 100.  It will need to be fast enough to be usable!


The options for Filemaker deployment seem to be:

1) Rejigging the current solution and deploying to Filemaker Cloud, or their own server, using:

     a) Licensing for teams or

     b) Legacy licensing


PHP is another option, but I'd rather use the current solution, as after 10 years of updates and improvements, it's quite mature. (but not closed to it - it may turn out to be cost effective)



What setup would give the best results?  Web direct? Or Filemaker Pro for teams connecting to FM Cloud or their own server?


My real worry is that we spend a lot of money, and it's too dog slow.  Aussie internet isn't great.  Every search will have to omit all other clients except for their own.


Does anyone have solutions running for similar needs?  Pitfalls? Performance issues?


Thanks in advance!