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Access Privileges and Container Fields

Question asked by tomeckerle on Nov 3, 2017
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I am having a problem with managing the security and privilege sets for Guests. I want to limit guests to viewing

the database only; there is no need for them to enter information, change or delete anything. The database makes use

of container fields, one large presentation window and a series of container fields beneath the presentation window

that contain alternate images, pages of a musical manuscript. I adapted a FM database template that was included in FM Pro 15 (FileMaker Pro 15 > English Extras > Templates > Product Catalog.fm12). However, when the database is opened using the Guest account the thumbnail container fields do not work.  Clicking on a thumbnail does not change the image in the presentation window but rather this error message appears: "Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action." I have tried to find and make the appropriate change to the access privileges by creating a new Guest 2 account (File > Manage > Security). However, not finding anything in the privilege sets that mentions container fields by name, I have experimented with trying to alter the access privilege settings in various ways but nothing seems to change the situation. Clicking the container field thumbnails continues to return the access privileges denied prohibition. I have opened the original template I used from the English Extras folder mentioned above, dropped some images into the container thumbnails fields and saved the test database. After opening the test database as a guest

I get the same error message when trying to use the thumbnail container fields to change the image in the presentation field, so I do not believe that the problem is due to any changes I made to the template file to adapt it to the needs dictated by the assets in my database.  I attach a screen shot of a sample page.@