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Looking at all Records in a Calculation

Question asked by kschjei on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by philmodjunk

I have 2 tables

1. Academic Progress

2. ExitEntry History


I am exporting all of my outcomes and would like 1 field in my exit table to be part of that export:



With each Outcome (Academic Progress) I want the A_SchoolExitDate that lines up with the timeframe they were in the program.


Example: A_Entrance Date 9/1/16 and the A_SchoolExitDate 11-1-16 and the student earned a A_Academic Progress Indicator Date on 10-15-16 then the date 11-1-16 would fill in my new field called ExitDuringOutcome.


The below calculation works perfect for the last ExitEntry History record the student has but if they have multiple exit records (which most of our students do) it doesn't look any further. How can I write this to make it look beyond the last record?


If (Academic Progress::A_Academic Progress Indicator Date ≥ A_Entrance Date and Academic Progress::A_Academic Progress Indicator Date < A_SchoolExitDate; A_SchoolExitDate;"")