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How to Format the Font for the Automatic Page Number ?

Question asked by mrtgrizzly on Nov 4, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by mrtgrizzly

I just installed FM Pro 16.  I'm on a new iMac running Sierra.

I am finding that I can't make my font style choices "stick" for the automatic page number.

It's simple to set the style, but after changing the font to what I want (such as "Goudy"), when I click off of the automatic page number, the font style reverts to Helvetica !


I found that some older files (created in FM Pro 9 Advanced) I had were able to preserve font information when opened in FM Pro 16, but if I tried to change it, it too would change back !


Anyone else have this problem ?


Any solutions other than my workaround ? - see below:


This was my workaround:


I selected something with the Font style I wanted.

Edit > Copy object style.

Select the page number field.

Edit > Paste object style.    Voila!


I could then retain the font and could adjust the size as desired !


Strange !