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FileMaker Server 16 problem

Question asked by MikeWile on Nov 5, 2017
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We are testing FileMaker Server 16. IT has set up a dev server and we installed FM Server 16 on it and added the databases. If we go to https://[host address]/fm/webd#, the databases set up for WebDirect show up. If we go to https://[host address]:16000/admin-console, we can see all the databases.


The problem is when the client tries to access the databases. If we go to remote and enter the host address, nothing shows up. If I try to upload a test FileMaker solution, I enter the host address, the name, the password and I get:


Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 5.09.10 AM.png

I am using FM 13 Pro Advanced to try and connect to the server as FM said this would be compatible. Any ideas on what the problem could be? Thanks.