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Unable to (re-)start Filemaker Server Service (

Question asked by mattlawless on Nov 5, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2017 by planteg

Hi. Overnight our Filemaker server (v16.0.3.304) has decided to close and quit. Having looked into it this morning, I noticed that the Filemaker service had stopped. When I tried to restart it, I am getting an error 1069 which states that it is a login failure. In the service properties, it is attempting to start the service by logging on using the domain administrator creditials (which I have re-entered to double check) which looks to be ok, although I've never had cause to check these settings previously so this may be wrong.


Has anyone had this issue before? To my knowledge there have been no changes to the server overnight - windows updates are disabled by default and so there should have been no changes overnight.


Thanks, Matt.