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Showing fields from a record through pop-up selection

Question asked by aartg on Nov 6, 2017
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Dear Friends of FM,


I am a newbie in FM 16 pro and I have the following challenge:

I have a record with 3 fields.

1. Product ID

2. Product name

3. Product description


Through field 1 I have made a pop-up with a selection list on the ID and 2nd on the name.

I can choose from the list, but I cannot find any way to show the name and description in connecting fields.

I saw some solutions on youtube and in this forum but nothing seems to work, help!

I have used a portal or direct on the table I can't represent the data in the other fields.

My filemaker 16 pro advanced is a Dutch version, so I hope that I am using the right expressions.

Thanks for your help.