Records Deleting When Committing Data - Hosted File

Discussion created by BenKingsbury on Nov 6, 2017
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I have two tables, a Header and a Detail table.  I am trying to format some data then populate these tables with the formatted data. 


To do this I am looping through the raw data and for each record I come across, I create a new record in my Header table.  Problem is, whenever I finish writing the data to the appropriate fields and perform a "Commit Records" step, my record is deleted.


I discovered this because before I was performing the "Commit Records" step I was just having my script go to another layout and it was deleting the records.  So I thought, if I commit the records first, my data will be saved.  However, it is in the committing of the records that my data is lost.


I do the same thing in my Detail table, however, the Detail table doesn't delete the records.  I have no script triggers on the layouts I'm moving between.  I'm not sure what may be causing this.  I am using FileMaker


Any thoughts?




Ben Kingsbury