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Why isn't view as list or view as table available for my layout?

Question asked by rbarline on Nov 6, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by keywords

Hi. I'm new to FMP 16 so maybe this is a dumb question but here goes .... I created a database and defined some fields. I see default Layout #1 and Layout #2, and for both of those I can select to view as form, list or table, no problem. Then I created a new layout (named layout #3) and selected Computer, then Form. I dropped in a couple fields, saved layout, and then went to browse mode to do a find. But there I can only see the layout as a form, neither list view nor table view is available. So my question is: why are the default layouts (layout #1, #2) able to show in all three views, but layout #3 (with the same fields as in #1, BTW) only able to show in form view? It seems like in previous versions of FMP (I've use FMP ever since the early days), I could get just about any layout to play in all three views (form, list, table). Thanks for any help with this.