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Taking my solutions to market

Question asked by liam3112 on Nov 6, 2017
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I have developed a solution for my own business (recruitment and training) and have already established a number of clients within my specific profession. I have quickly seen the potential to develop industry specific solutions and have already started discussions to provide them.


I guess the simplest would be for the client to buy licences and host the file I design on their behalf. Their fiele teams would access using FM Go and as part of the project I would provide training to include basic administration tasks. I would provide additional design work as required but I’m not really planning an ongoing support contract.


I also would like to develop apps to sell via the app store. I have seen information online about using Xcode and SDK but this seems to be specific for internal company solutions and not publishing for the wider community.


I have good design skills and whilst I am pretty proficient in database, layout, relationship and complex script design I have no coding experience.


Has as anyone had a similar situation and found a route to market with their ideas?


Thanks in advance