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How do you make a daily checklists that attaches to several records?

Question asked by msolano on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by philmodjunk

I am trying to make a checklist for tasks that attaches to different records. Ideally I would have a table that keeps track of the tasks but I also need it to connect to each object.

So for example, on November 1 , 2017:

Object 102 was washed and wax

Object 103 was dusted

Object 104 was washed with power hose

Object 105 didn’t have any work done to it.

All the objects (102-105) are in a table that I'd like to remain static, and acting as a primary key. I’d like to create another table that has a record of what was completed for each day instead of creating a new record for each object and the particular thing that was done for it that day.

This table would ideally have:

Date (so a new record for each day)

Object number (that connects to another table)

& A checklist (Checklist options for each object number would be:


Washed regularly

Washed with a power hose


No work

As well as a space to add notes for the day or notes for the day for each object. Is there a way to create this or is this not possible? (sidetone: Ideally I'd like to mount this on to an iPad for easy record keeping in situ. I'd love to get any tips or ideas! Thank you!