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Work around for shaky scrolling in web viewer?

Question asked by franksun on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by sam_oda

Hi all,


I'm hoping someone can give me some insight into this very annoying problem. I have set up a layout to display data using using a web viewer (using data:text/html), which includes two side navigation bars that are set to position: fixed. When I scroll using the mousepad (Macbook Pro), the navigation bars jump around and are very shaky. I have attached a short 2.1MB video demonstrating what I mean. The horizontal navigation bars at the top and bottom of the layout are native Filemaker button bars. All the middle content is a web viewer.


While trying to identify the potential cause, I have discovered that:


1. If I grab the scrollbar and use that to scroll, then there is no problem.

2. If I open my database on a Windows laptop in Filemaker, there is no problem.

3. If I export the data URL to an html file and open it in a web browser (Safari), there is no problem.

4. If, in Filemaker, I then set a web viewer to open that html file, the shaky problem persists.


All I can think of is that when scrolling with the mousepad, Filemaker is not sure whether I'm trying to scroll in the web viewer or the whole layout record and gets confused about what elements are supposed to be static or move, while if I use the scroll bar in the web viewer then Filemaker knows it is the web viewer that need scrolling??


Would anyone have any suggestions about how to resolve this issue? It's very distracting. I've tried Google searching but no one else seems to be having a similar issue.


I am using:

Macbook Pro 2016 OS Sierra 10.12.6

Filemaker Pro Advanced 15


Thanks very much for your help!