Building a user hierarki chart (try)

Discussion created by Stigge on Nov 7, 2017
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Hi all


Am going to try to build a hierarki chart at my company. :/ just have no idea how to succed and start.


What i have (relevant tables)

  • User table
    • User id
    • User name
    • Manager id
    • Manager name


I have created a relation between <User ID> (UsersManager Table) <--> <Manager ID> (Users Table) in the relationship view. That way i can get all information about each manager.

But now i want to draw a Hierarki chart based on this information.

I have 66k users listed, all with 2 different statuses, "Active" = they work now at our company and "Inactive" = they have left.

What i want to do is to have an overview over each manager and who they have under them, from top to bottom.


  •     VP
    • Manager
      • Manager
        • Manager
          • User


Also this user list will be updated frequently, so it needs to calculate each time. :/


Enyone have any qlue how i should start on this ? if its even possible ?

Thank you.