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FM as word search interface

Question asked by hardyhill on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by fmpdude

Maybe not directly a FM question, but there has to be somebody who has done this in FIlemaker the way I'm trying to do it.   The short version of what I'm trying to do is use filemaker as the primary interface for searching words used within files in a directory.


WHAT I CAN DO:  I can easily automate/script the process of importing structured text files into filemaker and search from there, to the point of even opening/displaying the files where the word is used.


WHAT I CAN'T FIGURE OUT: I can't find any search / indexing tool that either A) can auto-update the index AND auto-export the index to a structured text file,,,    OR   B) store the word index in an accessible database (SQL, MySQL, etc...)

In either case (A or B) above, I would be able to pull the data from the source (Text file or DB) into FIlemaker,,,


This could be with or without a plugin, because it will be running on a looping-scrip robot occurrence of FMP not connected to shared FM database files on FMS.  Anybody ever pulled this off?