Hooking PayPal to FileMaker Webinar...

Discussion created by richardcarlton on Nov 7, 2017
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Hi Everyone...


So I have a webinar and Free Sample file .... talking about how to easily hook up FileMaker 16 (Pro/Go/WebDirect) to PayPal... using the Rest API stuff.


VERY VERY Cool.   In fact we have been talking with PayPal about this... and they are excited about this new technology from FMI.  


The Webinar is this Thursday 1PM Pacific (yes short notice.)


The Goal of this webinar is to allow Beginning and Intermediate FileMaker users... to "copy and paste" the code out of the Sample File...and to load it into your own Invoice Solution for you or you customers.  


This should be fun.... info about the event is also here...

How to Connect FileMaker to PayPal - Webinar Promo - YouTube


- RC