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Window Resize on Mac

Question asked by xBabinx on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by f.i.sciences

I have a script that opens a new window when my database opens. The purpose is to remove the option to Close the database using the "X" at the top of every window.


On Windows after I create the new widow I close the first window, and maximize the new one. This works fine.


On MAC the Maximize command only resizes the window to the edge of the MAC application menu. Using the Maximize button at the top of the window fails to extend the window to full screen. On other solutions, where I haven't created new windows, the default window will allow the solution to expand to full screen, so I'm sure this has something to do with my new window.


Is there a way to accomplish getting the window to full screen on the MAC?


Using FMP 16.